The Eltham Junior Football Club aims to provide an opportunity for the youth of our area to participate in Australian Rules football and enhance their health and well-being through organised sport. The Club,
will at all times, endeavour to provide for the health, welfare and well being of it s players, supporters and spectators. This aim will be achieved by promoting and developing the following values and

  • A sense of social and community values
  • An environment to nurture the physical and mental development of our youth
  • Respect for officials, opposition players and supporters
  • The virtues of fair and disciplined play
  • Equal opportunities for everyone

They will be realised by providing as far as reasonable:

  • Competent coaches and assistants
  • Adequate facilities, amenities and equipment
  • Supervised social functions encouraging family participation
  • Regular communication and consultation with players and
  • Active leadership and management of the Club

All players, Coaches and Officials, parents, supporters and Committee members have a responsibility at all times when representing the Eltham Junior Football Club to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner consistent with these values.