Current list of our Junior Club policies for all registered players, members and club officials. All policies can be downloaded.

You will need adobe reader to read our documents. If you don’t have adobe you can download it here.

1. EJFC Committee Member Code of Conduct

2. EJFC Coaches Code of Conduct

3. EJFC Player Code of Conduct

4. EJFC Parent Code of Conduct

5. EJFC Team Selection Policy / Coaching Policy

6. EJFC Jumper Policy

7. EJFC Bullying and Harassment Policy

8. EJFC Grievance Policy

9. EJFC Racial Religious Tolerance Policy

10. EJFC Alcohol Management Policy

11. EJFC Smoke Free Policy

12. EJFC Social Media Policy

13. EJFC Player Milestone Policy

14. EJFC Working with Children Policy

15. EJFC Hot weather policy 2016

16. EJFC Awards Policy

17. EJFC Opening Procedure – Central Oval

18. EJFC Closing Procedure – Central Oval

19. EJFC Opening Procedure – Susan Street

20. EJFC Closing Procedure – Susan Street

And finally, for your information only, a link to our Insurance Document

Insurance Policy

Summary of our Insurance Policy

Persons covered:

* All registered players.

* Any volunteers ie; water boys,coaches,boundary umps,goal umps,parents assisting at training

* Players and volunteers covered on game days(inc practise matches) and at training.

Reinbursement criteria:

* Claim must be submitted within 30 days of injury.

* All original receipts required.

* If treatment covered by a private health fund send rebate advice with copy of account.

* Insurance agent contactable on toll free no: 1800 640 009

* Insurance policy and claim form are available via the internet at JLT SPORT

* In the event of an insurance claim being sought please contact our club insurance facilitator ASAP.
Fiona Allin 0419 520 752